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We raise gentle, high quality, well bred Registered Black Angus cattle suitable for show and/or breeding stock.  With our bulls, our cows have calved unassisted year after year.  We treat our sweet Black Angus cattle with kindness and respect.  That, along with genetics, sifting, and regular human contact, create gentle dispositions, reduce stress for the producer, and allow for roundups with a bale of hay rather than a herd of horsemen.
Whether you need calving ease bulls, heifers or cows for showing and/or breeding, or even steers to fill you freezer with mouth watering, tender, marbled meats, we can accomodate you.  Our offerings are seasonal, so be sure to check back often or Contact Us to give us your e-mail address and other contact information so we can notify you when livestock are available.
Currently at this time during the season, we have no Black Angus cattle available for purchase.  Check back soon or Contact Us to give us your e-mail address so we can notify you.
We usually have bulls in the spring and heifers/cows/steers available in the fall (and occasionally something in between).